SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away

"The reason behind this crash is packet size. By default, MySQL configuration max_allowed_packet is set it to 16M. This settings may introduce this exception in your website..

To resolve that problem you needs to increase max_allowed_packet variable in MySQL. Add following line in my.ini 


Save the file and restart MySQL service. Now onward you will never get that kind exception in your open source / website."

Warning: "Headers already sent" or "Cannot modify header information"

"This error also presents as "Cannot modify header information" depending on PHP version.

In short, it means that somewhere in the code, something was printed to the browser before Drupal had finished preparing the page. This is most often caused by custom or modified code contributed from sources outside Drupal, so inspect your uniquely added code (including themes) first..

If you get a "Headers already sent" error, there are three likely causes.

Uncaught exception thrown in shutdown function

This is some explaination:

1) The issue is with 'max_allowed_packet' just increase the limit to 16M

Here are the steps to do that

  1. Go to xampp\mysql\bin
  2. Open my.ini
  3. Change "max_allowed_packet" from "1m" to "16m" (or larger)
  4. Save my.ini Now restart MySql through the XAMPP control panel

Note: But this one for development, what about live server?

* Source: https://www.drupal.org/node/1537488 

Membuat Macros

Dengan macros, kita boleh membina suatu bentuk tindakan secara otomatik kepada Form, Report. Dengan macros, kita boleh membuat bermacam-macam arahan seperti berikut:

Membuka Form secara otomatik

  • Click macros
  • Pilih Open Form
  • Save dengan nama "autoexec"


Administration Toolbar Tak Muncul-upgrade Drupal 6 kepada Drupal 7

Masalah ini berlaku kerana masih ada 'bug' di dalam Drupal 7 untuk masalah Toolbar apabila kita buat migrasi dari drupal 6 kepada drupal 7. Jika kita buat fresh installation, masalah ini tidak berlaku. Untuk mengatasi masalah ini, kita boleh lakukan cara di bawah, iaitu restore link melalui SQL Command.

Mobile site dan Drupal 8

Versi Drupal terbaru iaitu Drupal 8 merupakan versi drupal yang terhebat berbanding dengan versi yang sebelumnya. Di antara yang menarik perhatian saya ialah drupal 8 memberi penekanan kepada mobile site. Versi yang sebelum ini tidak ada unsur ini - di mana jika kita hendak membuat mobile site, kita mestilah menggunakan modules tambahan dan banyak setting yang harus dilakukan. Tetapi dengan Drupal 8, ianya memang telah dibina untuk mersa mobile.