Add floating region

1) Define a region in your theme. This region will allow blocks to be added to it. Surround the region in an div that has an ID which you can specifically target to make the whole region floating. 

For example, in your .info file, you may define it like this:

regions[floating_region] = Floating region

And in your page.tpl.php, you would add the region like this:

Crop multiple image


Step one 

  1. Open Photoshop
  2. Click Window
  3. Click Action
  4. Create New Set - eg 'Crop taskbar'

Step two

  1. Click File
  2. Click Automate
  3. Click Batch
  4. Under Play - choose Crop taskbar
  5. Open the Source Folder
  6. Set the Destination Folder to save
  7. Click OK




  • Sejenis virus yang boleh menyebabkan gejala daripada selesema biasa kepada radang paru-paru yang teruk (pneumonia)
  • Terdapat beberapa jenis coronavirus seperti:-
    • Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SRS)
    • Middle East Respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus (MERS-CoV)
    • Novel Coronavir

Install drupal in USBwebserver

Install drupal in USBwebserver is good idea. With USbwebserver it's bundle with complete tolls like Apache, MySQL, PHP and phpMyAdmin. USBwebserver can install in computer folder, usb, cd, or in cloud such as google drive etc.

If we install in cloud base such as google drive is very  useful because we can working with drupal site with other computer. That mean we can update and using drupal site anywhere and anytime.

Create custom module

  1. Create new folder under Module folder with the module name. eg: Module/custommodule
  2. Create 3 file under custommodule as below: -
Place this code into above file
   Name: custommodule
   Type: module
   Description: 'custommodule'
   Package: Custom
   Core: 8.x

Getaran minda

Getaran minda manusia atau human vibration frequencies mempunyai beberapa tahap; iaitu dari rendah kepada yang tinggi. Kadar frequency diukur dengan kadar hertz atau Hz.

High frequency

Kadar getaran tinggi / high frequency vibration

Google My Business

Google My Business is free to use and we have to utilized it to grow our business. For people don't have a website, google my business is a great tool. While for people have a website, they also can utilized google my business and we can link to our website.

Some seo strategy to ranking higher:

Updating Date field type in Libre Office Base

In this video show on how to copy data from LibreOffice Calc and paste it to LibreOffice Base to create a table. Sometime, when we paste the data from LibreOffice Calc to LibreOffice Base, the data type is wrong. For example field with date type; when we paste, it may be paste in general number type - not the date type, so we have an error. In this video, Linda (thanks to her for sharing the video) show how to re-correct the data type.