How to using LibreOffice Base with MySQL as front-end database on Windows

LibreOffice Base is similar to Microsoft Access but it is free (open source). LibreOffice Base actually not a database by it self - the default database for LibreOffice base is HSQLDB. LibreOffice Base also can used front-end database like MySQL, Access Database etc.

If we use LibreOffice default base HSQLDB, only one person can using the database at one time. So, if we want to make a multiple user - we can use MySQL for example as a front-end.

How to connect libreoffice with ODBC

Create database 

  • Open MySql command line client
  • Enter pasword
  • Create database: create database 'databasename'_mysqldb;
  • Enter

Connect to the libreoffice base

  • Open libreoffice base
  • Connect to existing database
  • Select MySQL from drop down menu option
  • Select next
  • From the option - select the Connect using ODBC 
  • Select next
  • Browse the database
  • Click organized
  • Click Add
  • Select MySQL ODBC Unicode Driver
  • Fill-up the Connector/OD