Marketing using WhatsApp Business Catalog

For WhatsApp Business there are a feature that we can create catalog to promote our products. This feature is very useful to use. To add the catalog, just simply click setting > business settings > catalog and add photo, product or service name, price, discription, link and products or service code.

After that WhatsApp will review your the product (to make sure it is not against WhatsApp's legal guideline). The review sometime just about few minutes and if ok, the product will go live.

We can share the catalog by few ways:

Getaran minda

Getaran minda manusia atau human vibration frequencies mempunyai beberapa tahap; iaitu dari rendah kepada yang tinggi. Kadar frequency diukur dengan kadar hertz atau Hz.

High frequency

Kadar getaran tinggi / high frequency vibration

Low frequency