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Drupal 8 Block - no more option to disable block. This probaly to save fail from overload, but some people said the block that put under --none-- is never called so, it's doesn't see the resource being used or slowing down the site.

To make it disable, add the region to the theme's .info.yml file under regions.

  topbar: 'Top bar'
  header: Header
  main_navigation: 'Main Navigation'
  primary_menu: 'Primary menu'
  secondary_menu: 'Secondary menu'
  banner: 'Banner'
  main_content: 'Main Content'
  feature_top: 'Feature top'
  feature_first: 'Feature first'
  feature_second: 'Feature second'
  feature_third: 'Feature third'
  feature_bottom: 'Feature bottom'
  footer: 'Footer'
  none: '--none--'