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Bootstrap for drupal 8

Install bootstrap on themes folder



How to setting bootstrap & bootstrap_subtheme in Drupal 8 (using CDN)

Create bootstrap theme

  1. Install bootstrap theme
  2. Install & Enable ootstrap theme as default

Create bootstrap_subtheme

  1. Open bootstrap theme
  2. Click starterkits
  3. Copy cdn folder
  4. Rename cdn folder to bootstrap_subtheme
  5. Renama THEMENAME.starterkit to
  6. Renama THEMENAME to bootstrap_subtheme
  7. Renama THEMENAME.libraries to bootstrap_subtheme.libraries.yml
  8. Open bootstrap_subtheme with text editor and edit the THEMENAME\global-styling to bootstrap_subtheme\global-styling and save
  9. Flush cache
  10. After that, install & set drupal_subtheme as default
  11. Setting - click Advance and choose CDN Provider as jsDelivr and set the latest version, choose the theme as you like
  12. Save and clear cache
  13. Now the installation of boostrap & bootstrap_subtheme (using CDN) is compleate.

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