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Create image gallery using view

  1. Create new content etc "Image Gallery"
  2. Add image & format
    1. Setting "Unlimited" for image
    2. For image format: depend to your need or preference. To me, I like image format that is not too big or too small. Now we have image format that responsive to the browser. So, choose the image format or size that look nice to the browser.
  3. Create "Image Gallery" content type
  4. Create view
    1. Create the view Title
    2. Add image filed
      1. Rewrite result with this code: "{{ field_image }}
        {{ field_image__alt }}"
      2. Create Image Style etc: "Flexslider"
    3. Add Body field
    4. Add Global Custome Text
      1. Put this code" <div class="slider-wrapper">
        <div class="slider-media">
        {{ field_image }}
        <p class="slider-teaser">{{ body }}</p>
    5. Hiden Image & Body Filed (We using Global Custome Text)
    6. Under Filter Creteria - Add Title
      1. For the Operator - choose "equal to" & The value is Type your image gallery Title.
    7. Save..