How to Get Higher Google Rankings

Submitted by admin@soz on Sat, 07/21/2018 - 15:50

 Several way to get higher google rangking:-

  1. Elemenate zombie pages

    1. Combie pages is the page that not provide any value, duplicate content and etc.
    2. So, just create a high quality content
  2. Clean up any technical SEO issues

    1. Use the tools to check any seo technical issues (have many free tools & paid)
  3. On-page optimization

    1. We may have a lot of pages but it is quite hard & time consuming to improve seo for all page
    2. the begining we may start with the most important pages first & let improve the less important page letter on
    3. Improve keyword and everything to seo optimization
  4. Boost organic click-through-rate (CTR)

    1. Use number..ect: "17+ factors..."
    2. LSI keyword...and etc
  5. Improve Dwell Time

    1. The longer dwell time pages - the higher page will rangk in google
    2. Make introduction more sticky
    3. Good & attractive headline
    4. Move content to the top
  6. Improve Page Speed

  7. Publich skyscraper technique post

    1. It mean, find the best content post in the industry and make it better
    2. Create high quality content
    3. Good quality image