How to update Drupal 8 Core manually

Submitted by admin on Sat, 06/17/2017 - 19:08

Using CPanel

  1. Backup the Database & Files ~ compulsary ! because if something goes wrong, we can revert to the backup copy
  2. Log into your site, put it into maintenance mode ~/admin/config/development/maintenance and back up all files.
  3. Log into cPanel and start the cPanel file manager.
  4. Go to the root directory, usually /public_html.
  5. If you made manual modifications to files like .htaccesscomposer.json, or robots.txt, copy them somewhere. After you've installed the new Drupal core, you will need to re-apply the changes
  6. Read the drupal release & see if new release make change to the default.settings.php. If new release have make change to the default.setting.php file then we have to follow this step: 
    1. Copy and rename the original settings.php file ~ etc: setting.php_ORI.(The file contain database information, and any other customizations you may have added)
    2. Make a copy of the new default.settings.php file, and name the copy settings.php (overwriting your previous settings.php file).
  7. Delete all Folder & files except Modules, Profile, Sites, Themes, Libraries (never touch this 5 folder !)
  8. Upload latest drupal version - example: Drupal-8.4.8.tar.gz to drupal folder and extract it.
  9. Copy or move all files and folders form Core & Vendor and the files in the top-level directory to the root directory (if not sure how to do this ~ watch the video below)
  10. Delete the extract drupal copy
  11. Re-apply any manually modifications to files such as .htaccesscomposer.json, or robots.txt (refer item no 5)
  12. Log into your site and run database updates ~/update.php
  13. Check the Status report ~/admin/reports/status.
  14. If all OK take the site out of maintenance mode ~ DONE