How to update Xampp

The reason to update Xmpp is to update PHP Version

Step to update Xampp:-

  1. Backup file from \xampp\htdocs\ directory
  2. Export the database
  3. Unistall the Xampp
  4. Download the latest Xampp version
  5. Setup PHP Limit: By default, you will be able to import only up to 2MB. If you don't update the memory limits at this point, you won't be able to finish updating XAMPP. 
  • Open XAMPP control panel
  • Click the “Config” button in the Apache row
  • Select “PHP (php.ini) option

This will open the php.ini file which you need to edit. To make everything right, we suggest that you edit the following lines (just hit the CTRL+F to search for the terms):

  • Upload_max_filesize
  • memory_limit

You can change the limits to anything you want. Don't forget to save the changes done to the file.

6. Import the database
7. Copy back the \htdocs\ directory