Install drupal in USBwebserver

Install drupal in USBwebserver is good idea. With USbwebserver it's bundle with complete tolls like Apache, MySQL, PHP and phpMyAdmin. USBwebserver can install in computer folder, usb, cd, or in cloud such as google drive etc.

If we install in cloud base such as google drive is very  useful because we can working with drupal site with other computer. That mean we can update and using drupal site anywhere and anytime.

Below is the file / folder look like - we can save it wherever we like such as in google drive etc.


Click usbwebserver.exe and usbwebserver window will appear ass below


Click PHPMyAdmin and you will bring to login page as below

usbwebserver login

username is root & password is usbw - this is the standard for usbwebserver. Put the password & click go

usbwebserver - create database

Now we have to create database for drupal installation. We can create a new database or just using the 'test' database as above.

Now, download the drupal and save it under root folder. After that click the Localhost as picture below. After that follow the instruction to complete  drupal installation. You can download latest drupal site here:

Below is the step for drupal installation setting:-

  • Choose language: Instal Drupal in English for example
  • Database Name: put the database name as you create before this
  • Database username: root
  • ..lets drupal installation run..
  • Configure Site:
    • Site name: give your drupal site name
    • Site e-mail address: give your email address
  • Setting Administator account
    • User name : give any user name such as "admin"
    • Email address: give your email address
    • Password : give your preferred password (please remember it)
    • Save and continue


After complete drupal isntallation, you can reach the website by click Localhost

For setting - click Settings and it will pop-up as below

usbwebserver settings

If your computer already use Port Mysql 3306 for other program like Xampp etc - so, just change it to 3307

Download & info:

Note: You must install the latest version usbwebserver (at the time this article wrote, it use php 7.1) . Drupal 8 need at least php 7.1 - so it compatible.