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Order Form - Tips & Strategy

Create a complex form is easy but to make it simple & short is hard !. We need to catch the information as much as possible - but we need to do it with a simple form..huh, really hard job. There is some tips to create a good Order Form:

  • Make it simple & short as possible
  • Make it easy to use
  • Make it interesting, eye-catching and user friendly
  • Throw away any useless information
  • Order form no need to decorate with multiple colour - black & white that just better !
  • Can use image or company logo sparingly, but not to obvious
  • Used corect form and design
  • If possible or need - can put the payment gateways
  • Multiple language ?, it is good - it can reach more prospect with their local native language
  • Currency transition - to switch to local currency
  • Test it and adjust somewhere that need improvement
  • Note: If prospect key-in our order form - it's mean they're ready to buy out product or make sure the order form not throw away prospect interest (boring or complicated order form etc).  If you make the form too long by asking for additional info, you may lose the sale in the process