Internet Search

SEO Modules



1 Pathauto Instal      
2 Metatag   PROBLEM    
3 Search 404 Instal but not configure yet    
4 SEO Checklist Instal      
5 Menu Breadcrumb         
6 XML sitemap   dont istall but using Simple XML Sitemap intead. See issue    
7 Simple XML Sitemap Instal      
8 Site Verification Instal BUT NOT verify yet..after veriry..see if google verify the site or not ! (by loading google web master) - Verify it when publish !    
9 Tag Clouds        
10 Google Analytics   install BUT need to get a Web Property ID from google (reffer module) - see also if it can use from previous website          
11 Mollom   not install yet because this module control the content from visitor etc comment    
12 Scheduler        
13 RobotsTxt   Note: You must delete or rename the robots.txt file in the root of your Drupal installation for this module to display its own robots.txt file(s).    
14 Footermap        
15 Sub-pathauto        
16 Alternate hreflang   for  Translation..can hold on       
17 RDFUI   Use at your own risk!  


18 Linkit   not configure yet      
19 Alink   requore composer..install letter on    
20 GoogleTagManager    Note: To use the module, sign up for GTM and obtain a "container ID" for your website    
21 Recapcha        
22 Contact Storage