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Brief Overview :

Persediaan untuk upgrade :

Upgrade mengunakan Migration User Interface:


Drupal 7

  • Update all modules & core for the latest version
  • Delete any node that you no longer need
  • Delete any non-core themes that you not using anymore
  • Desable or delete any non-core module that you not using
  • Check if any module that not in drupal 8 then delete that module (letter on you can find other alternative module in drupal 8 to have same funtionality)
  • Make a backup copy to localhost
  • Copy the database to localhost
  • Check all modules, block, theme etc. & write somewhere for refering

Drupal 8

  • Install new drupal 8 with latest version
  • Enable this 3 modules: Migrate, Migrate Drupal, Migrate Drupal UI
  • Install or enable modules that using in drupal 7 (just enable but do not configure them!)
  • Run the upgrade: yourdrupalsite/upgrade
  • Enter the MySQL database username and password that can access your Drupal 7 database
  • Enter the local or remote path to your Drupal 7 filesystem
  • Review upgrade paths available.  Nothing can actually be changed here, but you can check to make sure all the paths you are expecting to be used have been found
  • If all looks good, start the migration process